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Trison Self Adhesive Labels

Trison Self Adhesive Labels

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Trison self-adhesive labels are versatile and convenient labeling solutions that can be applied to a wide range of products, surfaces, and materials. These labels feature an adhesive backing that allows for easy application without the need for additional glues or tapes. Whether for business, personal, or creative use, self-adhesive labels are indispensable tools for organization, communication, and personalization.

  • Pack of 100 sheets
  • Compatible with various printing methods including Inkjet, Copier and laser printing
  • High-strength robust adhesive
  • Precise sizing and cuts for easy peeling off
  • Essential for packaging, E-commerce, mail, parcels, etc. 
  • Available in various sizes: ST-1, ST-2, ST-4, ST-6, ST-8, ST-12, ST-16, ST-21, ST-24, ST-40, ST-48, ST-56, ST-65 & ST-84


A4 size


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