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Cash Book (Copy Size)

Cash Book (Copy Size)

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Ordinary Binding (O/B binding)

- Also known as Kona pusta binding

- Paper quality: 65 GSM green ledger paper

- Dimensions: 15 x 19 cm

- Made of superior cloth hardbound premium quality material and gloss laminated printed cover

- Available in No./Pages: 1/128, 2/256, 3/384 & 4/512

White Binding (L/B binding)

Paper quality: 65 GSM green ledger paper

- Dimensions: 15 x 19 cm

Manually stitched and white canvas hardbound for longevity 

- Made of gloss laminated cover

- Available in No./Pages: 3/432 & 4/576


  • These are all approximate numbers of pages
  • The number of pages is inclusive of the cover and the index page


15 x 19 cm


65 GSM

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